A tip for a more productive day

I am still not in a place to give career advice to others for I am still studying. However, I want to share with you something that I changed and had it ending up changing my whole university experience.

A very important thing to do before leaving your house every morning is leaving your house problems behind with it.

Family issues, boyfriend drama, roommate troubles, a broken dishwasher.. just leave all of this behind. Don’t carry all of this heavy load with you to class or the office.

Always leave focused on the tasks that you have to get done for the day rather than fueling yourself with negative energy which will automatically make you less motivated and thus less productive.

Giving each chore, class, project the time and effort it deserves is important to get a good result out of it. Your personal life can wait and usually things end up getting resolved at the end of the day. So, why waste this day?

Shifting your focus somewhere else and ending up being productive will also give you a sense of satisfaction and thus a boost in your mood which in turn will make you more critical in solving the other issues going on in your life.

This worked for me, what other advice would you give for a more productive day?


6 thoughts on “A tip for a more productive day

  1. M.J. says:

    *Choose the major or work you really like..
    *Do not study for exams, study for satisfacfion..
    *Avoid routine, so you keep your mind alive not lazy(this one I read it from a book)..
    *Make a to do list (even if you don’t complete at the first stage, after a period of time will makes you more organized..

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