Links of the week 22.03.15


“Links عالماشي” or “Links of the Week” is a new feature added to ‘3almeshe’ blog, it is basically a collection of links to articles, videos, channels, etc. that I have found interesting, new and worth sharing!


1- One very interesting lebanese youtube channel that you must check ASAP is definitely Beirut+ TV
Many of us are familiar with it now, it is a team of Lebanese youth creating funny cartoons discussing an issue or making fun of a tv show. Honestly, they are best described as “Befesho l khele2”.
Hats off to their creativity!

Here is one of their most recent videos, have you heard of the Lebanese Kardashians? Well, meet now The cousins Aida, Nadia and Fadia

The Cousins (Beirut+ TV)

The Cousins (Beirut+ TV)

Watch more videos and Subscribe on YouTube

2- Egyptians tend to keep their mothers names as a secret, it’s actually considered shameful to let anyone know about what your mother’s first name is. Now, any married women with kids is either called Om Ali , Om Gom3a, Om Mina aw Ommi. Mothers are no longer identified by their own names but by their sons’. A group of youth Egyptians started a campaign on Mothers Day to get mums their names back “What is your mother’s name?” . I won’t spoil it for you, check it for yourself


3- Have you seen Barack Obama singing Bruno Mars’s newest “Uptown Funk”?
No? Here you go


The creative man Fadi Saleh making all those smashes describes his channel by saying, “Baracksdubs mashes together presidential speeches to the tune of popular music, based on fan requests. If the president sings it, it’s a worthy song. Have a suggestion for a song? Tweet the suggestion with the hashtag #baracksdubs.”

4- Are you feeling down lately? Do you want to cheer up and be happy?
The following link leads you to an article giving you 30+ things that you can do to feel happy
Does it work? I tried one (spoiler alert), I sent a person I appreciate an email telling them how much I love them, this made them happy, and thus me. If this doesn’t work, there is a dozen more things to try


5- This final link is that of a different kind, number five will always be the link to a twitter account or a blog worth checking
This week’s account is @TokensOfSilence
This account puts feelings into words, you’ll enjoy every single tweet.


I hope you guys liked the 5 links of the week!
To be continued next week with more links from all around the world.

Don’t hesitate to send me any links that you would like me to share here too, it can be some of your covers, blogs, poems
Send it to me via twitter direct messages @zaynabhashem2 or by e-mail to:


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