A tip for a more productive day

I am still not in a place to give career advice to others for I am still studying. However, I want to share with you something that I changed and had it ending up changing my whole university experience.

A very important thing to do before leaving your house every morning is leaving your house problems behind with it.

Family issues, boyfriend drama, roommate troubles, a broken dishwasher.. just leave all of this behind. Don’t carry all of this heavy load with you to class or the office.

Always leave focused on the tasks that you have to get done for the day rather than fueling yourself with negative energy which will automatically make you less motivated and thus less productive.

Giving each chore, class, project the time and effort it deserves is important to get a good result out of it. Your personal life can wait and usually things end up getting resolved at the end of the day. So, why waste this day?

Shifting your focus somewhere else and ending up being productive will also give you a sense of satisfaction and thus a boost in your mood which in turn will make you more critical in solving the other issues going on in your life.

This worked for me, what other advice would you give for a more productive day?


No Strings Attached

I left last time with a strong feeling that I should be back here, this time I feel that maybe I don’t ever have to.

It is a place where good things rarely happened and terribly ended. Hundreds of failures, endless tries. Millions of chances given, none gotten.
It was the first time that I ever felt this weak, tired, and broken.

But it’s all good, all good. I needed to know that while giving people and things all I had I forgot an important person. That person was me. I am apologizing to myself for not appreciating it enough, for not making it happy, and for believing that self worth is determined by how some people that I loved feel or felt about me. I deserve to feel pride again, and to be comfortable being with myself alone.

I want to find safety in thinking alone not while sleeping in someone’s arms, self worth when I look at my mirror, and strength in my will power because I’ve been through fucking hell throughout the years. I never had the chance to be a child. I don’t want to blame anyone. There might be something that my parents could have done or maybe nothing at all, but I don’t care. I matured quickly. I felt things intensely. I felt happiness like I’m high and sadness more than my heart could take. I felt like giving up hundreds of times, tried twice, and never succeeded.

I am still here.

Now, looking back I think that it’s good that I didn’t stop it all. I mean, it’s 5:50 AM. I am at the airport alone traveling to the country of my dreams to finish my education and be who I always dreamt of being. All alone, but not feeling slightly lonely.

Last time I was here in the same seat I was still with the love of my life, my friends had just said their good bye, my parents cried, and everyone showered me with wishes and prayers. Yet, I sat here feeling lonely as hell.

I still love him despite how things ended, I love my family and friends, but I don’t feel bad this time.

This time I leave with no strings attached, but to one: making myself happy everywhere I be.


6 Series to Binge-Watch عالماشي

Netflix, Popcorn time and other legal (and illegal) streaming sites are drowning in old and new series for you to watch, but how many are actually worth failing your exam for?

I’ll suggest 6 series of different genres that are personally my favorites. These are the shows you must start binge-watching tonight – or simply watch in your free time (if you’re one of those people who prioritize their education and social life).



Francis Underwood portrayed by Kevin Spacey is a ruthless politician who is not to be messed with. He doesn’t work for the US government, Frank and his environmental activist wife Claire Underwood  ARE the US government.

This political drama might have a slow-paced beginning, but it will start giving you goosebumps in no time!


#5 – F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Just like the devil is the father of all liars, Friends is the father of all series.
It’s a delightful comedy with a small pint of drama that shall be your first seriegasmic experience.

P.S: you’ll finally get all these friends references on Twitter, and be one of the cool kids again.

Similar shows: Seinfeld, The Office, How I Met Your Mother.



Are you ready to get your medical degree and finally make your old man proud of you? Well, House MD doesn’t exactly guarantee that, but at least you’ll know what to do in case someone has a stroke (take them to a near hospital of course).

Doctor Gregory House portrayed by Hugh Laurie specializes in diagnostic medicine and solves medical mysteries with sarcasm and outstanding intelligence.

Similar shows: Grey’s Anatomy.


#3 – MR. ROBOT

We are in the era of technology, hacking is modern theft and revolutions come in forms of tweets and hashtags. Mr Robot is the show that will blow your mind, for real. Expect nothing from this show but surprises. At some point you’ll think you have figured what’s going to happen next, and this is when you’ll be proven wrong. Elliot is a young hacker who wants to change the world. I won’t say more.



AKA Civil Wars & Boobs. A medieval fantasy starring several powerful noble families in Westeros. Don’t you want to know what your friends mean by saying “Winter is coming”?



I am a Sherlock fan girl. If you love the Sherlock Holmes movies or even if you don’t, you’ll fall in love with Sherlock.

Benedict Cumberbatch beautifully plays the highly functioning sociopath consulting detective Sherlock Holmes who lives in London and specifically in 221B Baker Street in a rented apartment with his roommate/assistant and best friend Doctor John Watson (portrayed by Martin Freeman). The series is a modernized version of the Sherlock Homes books written By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. This show will get all your senses in check and your brain working on all fours. The least I can say about this show is that it’s definitely a delight to watch. With Sherlock’s dark humor and John’s attempts to get Sherlock be more in touch with his human side, this show will captivate you.

Ps: Your patience will be tested, for it takes the producers over a year to release a new season.



How would you feel if  you knew the devil had left his work in hell and came to earth to have a normal life?
This American fantasy police procedural comedy-drama is as captivating as the devil himself: great plot, great performance, delightful sense of humor, and topless scenes of Tom Ellis. Yup, now is the time.

(Season one first aired on the 25th of January 2016, now catch the new episodes of season 2 every Monday)

Don’t forget to leave a comment below with you favorite show!


I loved winter and loathed summer. Winter was simple and loving; to live through winter you had to be warm. Summer was repulsive: moist and sweat, not the good sweat. The heat made me cranky, made me not want to be touched. It made me want to be left alone and it made me regret many things I said. Summer was loneliness and short nights. 
I loved nights more than days too. I loved the fact that a part of the world was silent, for all that’s said was stupid racist extremist lying nonsense. 

Now, I like nothing more than the other, I hate them all equally. It all is the same to me. Winters are colder summers and summers are warmer winters. Days are brighter nights and nights are darker days. 

I’d still prefer not to soak in my own sweat but I miss tasting hers. 

In sleepless nights like this, I think of her. I try to remember what happened? Why is she not sleeping in my arms? Why am I not playing with her hair, kissing her face and waiting for her to open her eyes and call me annoying? I can’t put my hand on what it was, what made this bed feel too big yet too small for me to sleep in? 

I survive every night on its own. I fight the bed covers trying to strangle me every time I dare put her off my mind. She’d come while I am taking my last breath and set me free. She approaches me, holds my face and kisses me. My lips burn with where her hands are. She moves them around my body; her fingers dance. She smiles as she sees me needy, burning in desire, wanting to have her, feel her and believe she is there. She stops. She disappears. She leaves me to the suffocating bed sheets again. This time they choke me to sleep. 

I bet she is sleeping peacefully, probably next to someone else. I bet she has her leg wrapped around him like she always did with me. I bet she made him tell her a bed time story like she always made me too. I bet she is pretending to like none so that he will tell her another one until she falls asleep. I bet she is wearing her lavender silk pajamas that she loves so much. I bet she forgot to take her make up off.

Why do I know all of this, why?! 

Why do I think of her? 

Why can’t she leave me alone for fuck’s sake? 

She told me that she’ll never be back, she said I left her. She said she is going to get revenge, she said I am going to miss her.

But did I leave her? Why does it always feel like she left me and all what I actually did was choose to stay away from her physical existence? She was long gone. 

The words she told me when we parted were stuff she wanted to believe. She wanted to sleep better at night thinking that I left her, that I broke her heart, that I broke her. It’s always easier to sleep feeling like you’re the victim, it’s a sleeping pill to help her get through her insomniac nights when she feels guilty for doing something. 

Three months before ending it I felt lonelier than I do now. 

She’d be sitting next to me typing something on her phone, I’d talk to her, she wouldn’t answer. She was always too distracted. 

She stopped sharing a cover with me, she started bringing another one to her bed. 

I ran into him several times on the stairs, I wondered why this man always seemed to be leaving the building when I was going up. Apparently he was only filling for me when I wasn’t there. How nice of him, that man!

She wanted everything at all times. She was constantly bored. She was constantly unsatisfied. She was constantly making me feel like I wasn’t enough. I knew she deserved the best man on earth but God knows I was trying to be that man. God knows my biggest fantasy was asking her to be mine forever, sharing a home and having her overcooked food daily for dinner.

She had her life, she had her friends, she had her routine and hobbies and interests. But I only had her. She was my hobby. Lately, she found time for everything she loved, except for me. Makes me wonder, did she love me? 

When I first met her she’d park her bicycle right under my window and start throwing shells at my bedroom window. Shells I used to go to the beach with her to collect. She used to come to my room and wake me up every morning by just sitting there in front of me looking at me so close I felt her breathing. My mother didn’t like her, she was annoyed by her indifference. She’d kiss me long in front of my mum just to upset her. I found that cute, I found everything that she did cute. My favorite times were those when my parents were out of country, she’d come and stay. She’d knock on the door and start taking her clothes off at the door step before I even opened it for her. I watched more than a thousand movies with her, I even liked Gossip Girl for her. I read many of her favorite Jane Austen writings and learned Spanish with her. All of these were desperate attempts to keep the woman I love.

She filled the empty gap I had in my life. I never had a good life until she started being a part of it. And I never had it again after she left it. 

I smoke now heavily and I drink twice as much. I smoke sadness into my lungs and drink pain into my system.

It didn’t end because she preferred another man that one time, I knew she often did when she drank too much and got lost on the way home. I was happy I was the person she’d come to have breakfast with every morning and spent most of her days and nights with. At least for a while. 

She wanted to learn how to play the guitar then stopped, she stopped attending that Spanish class we both signed up for, she didn’t go to her dance lessons regularly. She got bored. I didn’t know that there will come a day when I’ll be no different than that guitar in the back of her closet, desired for a while then forgotten for good.  
The last night we spent together I asked her to tell me a story for a change, so she said:

Once upon a time there was a girl who used to get bored easily

So she took up a hobby

But she kept getting bored

So she changed hobbies again and again

Until she tried all the reasonable hobbies

But what she didn’t know that she had found her hobby all along

Her hobby was taking up hobbies

And that’s what she did for the rest of her life.

Oh, here they come again! 

This time I won’t fight them. 
Please, choke me to sleep.

Beautiful Mother’s Day Video by Divvy

“What if on mother’s day you were the one serving your mum?”

Other than Exotica’s “He’ll always be her Bob”, I think Divvy should win this year’s best mother’s day contribution. Their video went viral for a reason, it brought tears to our eyes and made us realize or at least remember how giving our mothers are 365 days a year. 

The Lebanese twitter community reacted emotionally with this video (no sarcastic replies, can you believe it?)   


We are not going to spoil it for you with more details. So put your mum on speed dial, prepare your tissue box and watch DIVVY’s Mother’s Day Video!

Happy mother’s day!❤️ 

Great News for All Arab Barca Fans!

You are a hardcore Arab Barca fan, you watch every single game, you buy every new kit, you idolize Messi, hate Gareth Bale & Cristiano Ronaldo and think that the latter is incredibly overrated, not just that, but you don’t possibly shut up about it.

You invite the guys over and buy a bottle of champagne to celebrate the definite win. You sit down in your pre-ordered new Barca kit (Messi’s)

BUT THEN, the Barca anthem plays and you can’t sing along so your real madrid supporter and friend starts questioning your faith in Barca!

Shameful right?


Derp has made it easier for all Arab Barca fanatics to memorize the Barca anthem in a 2-minute video, so that you can sing along loud and clear and rub it in your RM supporter friend!

Watch it below, and share it with your friends!
Derp and Barca


An Awkward Plot Twist in Miss Universe 2015 Beauty Pageant

Steve Harvey’s EPIC fail at the Miss Universe 2015 beauty pageant breaks the internet!


Miss Columbia’s dream came true as she was crowned to be Miss Universe 2015, unluckily she woke up minutes later to find out that there has been a mistake!

It was truly one of the most awkward moments in the history of live broadcasting. Ariadna Gutierrez Arevalo, Miss Columbia, was shocked especially after spending some time waving to the audience wearing her crown and holding the flower bouquet in her hands as Miss Universe.

Moments later, Harvey realized and announced the huge mistake that he did, so Miss Philippine Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach started walking awkwardly to the stage where she stood next to Miss Columbia for a very awkward 2-3 minutes just looking around with funny and confused face expressions.


Steve Harvey tried to break the ice by saying: “Please don’t hold it against the ladies. Please don’t, I feel so badly but it’s still a great night”


After that, former Miss Universe 2014 transferred the crown from Arevalo to Wurtzbach.

The world thinks that the result is fair especially after hearing Miss Philippine’s distinguished answers to the questions asked by the judges, not to forget the fact that she is magically gorgeous.

The cutest thing is that Pia joined the Ms. Philippines pageant for three consecutive years before winning, just now her dream came true!

Well – as we know – the internet is cruel, but hilarious.

Here are some of the funniest reactions to the mistake:



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tweet 2CWvM4y7UYAAkcoE

Congratulations to beautiful new Miss Universe Pia!


To watch the full video, click below:

Steve Harvey announcing wrong winner at Miss Universe 2015 pageant